Maxim Investment Portfolio

Introduction About How Maxim Can Facilitate your investment easily.

Real Estate

Maxim focuses on significant investment portfolios in the real estate sector, encompassing unique development, expansion, and construction projects across Egypt. Our diverse portfolio includes sophisticated adaptive re-use projects, historical restorations, and ground-up development.
Guided by our vision of creating integrated, best-in-class quality projects in all business sectors, we are driven to deliver exceptional results. With expertise in both residential and commercial development, we strategically align our projects to maximize value and provide a comprehensive range of real estate solutions.


Maxim first entered the hospitality industry in 1997, when we recognized the market trend of merging the development and hospitality sectors. This led to the creation of Royal Maxim Kempinski, which quickly became a phenomenal success and marked our first notable accomplishment in this direction.
Building on this achievement, we have expanded our hospitality division through strategic partnerships with public entities, allowing us to directly manage unique spaces and execute value-added strategies. Leveraging our vertically integrated capabilities in asset and property management, legal, construction, technology, and marketing, we continue to deliver exceptional hospitality experiences.

Retail & Commercial

Maxim has established a strong presence in the retail and commercial sector as an investment holding company specializing in the management and development of retail and commercial spaces across Egypt. 
With our extensive background and market insights, we meticulously assess potential opportunities and utilize our skills in design enhancement, tenant coordination, marketing, and management to acquire and enhance a diverse range of projects. We aim to create vibrant and thriving commercial spaces that meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers.

Business Solutions

Maxim excels in providing comprehensive business solutions, offering a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. 
Through our diversified portfolio and unwavering commitment to excellence, we deliver exclusive services across various sectors. Our expertise in advertising, research, technology, event management, and more enables us to provide valuable solutions that drive success for our clients.

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